Shungite: Stone of Life


Shungite: the mineral that can give you the energy of life comes from distant Russia! Shungite is better than Orgonite: discover the extraordinary properties of this stone, now also available in Italy! Shungite is an opaque black stone, extracted in Karelia (northwestern Russia). It takes its name from the place of extraction: Lake Shunga or Onega. The properties of this black stone have been known for several centuries in Russia: the Tsar Peter the Great (1672-1725) used it to alleviate the ailments of old age. Nowadays, shungite is recommended by Vadim Zeland and Nicolas Almand in their books.

At the base of Shungite: Shungite is a unique stone for 2 reasons. It is a sedimentary stone, as it is a particular form of carbon, derived from the mineralization of plankton deposits, dating back over 2 million years ago. the carbon is organized into a particular molecular composition, Fullerene, discovered in the laboratory by 3 chemists (Kroto, Curl and Smalley) who for this reason received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1996. Fullerenes are able to create a barrier mechanics for the diffusion of negative elements, therefore they are designed for the creation of new, more targeted antibiotic and anticancer drugs.

Properties of shungite By virtue of its particular structure, shungite has different physical, chemical and bioenergetic properties. Let’s look at some of them: it neutralizes any type of radiation, therefore it is used to defend itself against electromagnetic waves emanating from computers, mobile phones and televisions; unlike crystals, it does not charge negatively.

In fact, Shungite does not give its beneficial effects by irradiation but by emitting a Quantum Vortex; supports and implements the vital energy inherent in each person, which is why it is recommended for those who are always tired and stressed; stimulates the immune defenses: this is why it is good to have it with you in periods of flu epidemic, changes of season, but also during simple convalescences; protects the environment in which it is inserted: shungite removes negative memories, and harmonizes the place, creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere; it is an excellent natural fertilizer: it improves crop productivity by around 30% and at the same time makes it more resistant to disease; it makes it easier to adapt to the frequency elevation that the Earth is going through; it also facilitates ascension to the higher realms.

Precisely to allow everyone to make the most of the extraordinary qualities of shungite, this mineral is available in different forms: pyramids, spheres, and cubes for furnishing, necklaces to wear, and plates for the mobile phone. In this way you can enjoy the benefits of shungite at any time and in any place.


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