Onyx is a layered variety of Chalcedon, just like Agate. They differ by the shape of the tyres, because the ones of the Onyx are parallel and those of the Agate curves. The chemical nomenclature is SiO2 (silicon dioxide). Some species are considered “semi-precious stones”. The most striking are those with contrasting colour bands. Those offered in black and white, for example, are widely used in camafeos (embossed in gemstones). And in ancient times, the Romans used them to decorate different ornaments.

Onyx characteristics

Onyx is a word that comes from Greek, which is translated as “Claw” or “nail”. And it’s just that in its clearest tone it looks like one of those corneal plates.

Like a vintage amethyst, this stone is usually black and white, although there are yellow, green and red races, with a white stripe. It is waxy luster, with opaque to Transparent transparency. The crystallization system is trigonal (a variant of hexagonal).

The hardness is 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale. Is fracture way concoidal. It is a very persistent and resistant mineral. The density is 2,6-2,65 g / cm3.

Oil field

The onyx stone is formed in the magmatic rock by the accumulation of gases or volcanic vapors. Currently, the largest Onyx producer in the world is Mexico (Durango), although there is also large exploitation in Yemen, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, India, Madagascar, Pakistan and in some parts of the United States (USA).

It is often confused with other materials that tires, such as some calcites extracted from cave systems in Mexico and Pakistan. These are cut as ornaments or chess pieces, and sold as if they were made of Onyx. They were even misdirected as “Mexican Onyx” and ” marble onyx.

The overall implementation of these names means that the term “Onyx” is incorrectly used to identify a range of materials which, simply because they have ties, are already considered as such.

The Onyx history

This half stone has been in human civilization since ancient times. It is always used for cutting and jewelry, for which it is usually cut in the form of a cabujón (round polished stone) or beads. As mentioned earlier, it is also used when cutting camafeo, thanks to the wonderful contrasts it exhibits.

It is said that at the time of the second dynasty of Egypt, which was implemented in the manufacture of bowls and other ceramic pieces.

Thanks to archaeological records found in Knossos, in Minoan civilization, the existence of Sardonyx art was known. This technique consisted of alternating the Onyx with yellow or white Chalcedon.

It was also a rock that was widely implemented by the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations to shape many of its utility and ornament pieces. The Roman naturalist and scientist Pliny The Elder described two types of Onyx in his work Naturalis Historia, which undoubtedly influenced his popularity.

For his part, the German architect Mies Van Der Rohe Onyx from the Atlas Mountains used to build a beautiful semi-acid wall in his most famous work “Villa Tugendhat”.

Superstition about the Onyx

Source: atperrys.com

The ancient Romans believed that wearing Onyx amulets engraved with Mars, God of war according to Roman mythology, filled them with courage in battles.

The English midwives of the 15th century placed onyx stones between the breasts of the woman who had given birth because it supposedly facilitated labor. They were also used to protect against evil spirits and any curse.

Some tribes of the American Aborigines used Onyx figures as they helped them control the forces of nature and correct all daily problems. These figures as such had no innate power of any kind but only served as a means for the spirits to possess the owners.

Esoteric properties

Esoteric experts recommend onyx stone for protection against negative auras, envy, bad eye, and jealousy. This stone, porous and absorbent, tend to attract negative energies and make them disappear from the inside.

They say that if an accessory is worn with an embedded onyx stone, it will clean the aura. In the event that someone with bad intentions tries to attack us, the stone will turn those intentions into something positive.

It is advisable to have some decoration in the houses made with Onyx because it will be charged with cleaning each of the spaces. Apparently, this stone can also help us ward off nightmares and give us a quiet and quiet dream.

If we are in the process of any therapy, this gemstone is like a vintage amethyst because it is good to carry this stone, for it will bring us to a state of peace and inner peace. It will also give us the strength to overcome any fear, and it will engulf us with good humor and joy.


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