Amethyst: The Crystal of Protection, Spirituality and Healing

macro photo of lilac amethyst crystals isolated on white background

The Amethyst, for its great beauty and special energies is one of the most famous crystals and sought after by mystics and collectors from all over the world.

It elevates our spirituality, protects against various negative energies and emanates the transmuting power of the Violet Rays.

Learn more about this rock of strong spiritual vibrations and discover how to use your energies!

Meaning of Amethyst Stone

The Amethyst is a powerful stone of protection, vitality and spiritual upliftment.

Known since antiquity, it was used by magicians and priests as a stone able to protect the spirit.

Their energies purify the environments, push away the forces of the shadows and dispel all negative energies.

The Amethyst raises our intuition, strengthens the mediumship and helps awaken our spiritual powers.

Amethyst Therapeutic Effects

Amethyst increases our mood, calms emotions, improves sleep, reduces headaches, regulates hormones, and helps heal hearing and respiratory problems.

It cleanses the body, helps to eliminate toxins, detoxifies the blood and greatly improves the metabolism, being very useful for the processes of slimming.

Typical Uses and Applications of Amethysts

Strong protection against more negative influences and energies
Purification of the physical body
Strengthen intuition and awakening and mediumship
Spiritual Elevation
Increased vitality and mood
Facilitate and improve meditation
How to Use Amethyst Stone
To protect environments keep a medium to large Amethyst in place or spread small amethysts across the 4 corners of the room.

For personal protection and spiritual enhancement, choose an Amethyst jewelry that fits you and use it in your day to day life.

If you want to increase your energy and vitality sleep with your Amethyst on the left side, to use its therapeutic effects, position the spot to be treated for at least half an hour.

 Amethyst Cleaning and Energizing
Because the spiritual energies are very attached, the Amethyst is very sensitive to all emanations, waves of thoughts and emotions.

Therefore it is recommended to clean it more frequently, but it is not necessary to use more than running water and a little salt to wash it.

Because it is sensitive to high temperatures, the Amethyst should preferably be loaded under the morning sunlight for no more than 5 minutes

Where to Find the Amethyst Stone?

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Technical information

Incidence: Clean crystals and large geodes are currently rare
Hardness: Level 7 on the Mohs scale
Occurrence: South of Brazil, Uruguay and other countries in less incidence
Chemical Composition: SIO2 (Silicon Oxide)
Fluorescence: Low
Colors: Dark violet, black, gray and in light violet-pink of great luminosity.
Crystalline System: Hexagonal (trigonal), prisms most of the time


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