Moonstone – The Stone of the Moon

moonstone guide
Energy: Projective. Planet: Moon Element: Water Deities: Diana, Selene, Isis, Thot, Konshu, Isthar, Zirna, Mani, Ixchel, The Goddess. Powers: Love, Divination, reconciliation, psychism, dream, gardening, protection, youth, diets. Associated stones: Madereperla, Selenita, Quartz Crystal. Associated metals: Silver. Affinity...

Shungite: Stone of Life

Shungite: the mineral that can give you the energy of life comes from distant Russia! Shungite is better than Orgonite: discover the extraordinary properties of this stone, now also available in Italy! Shungite is an opaque black stone, extracted in Karelia (northwestern Russia). It takes its name from the place of extraction:...

Amethyst: The Crystal of Protection, Spirituality and Healing

The Amethyst, for its great beauty and special energies is one of the most famous crystals and sought after by mystics and collectors from all over the world. It elevates our spirituality, protects against various negative energies and emanates the transmuting power of the Violet Rays.